How Buy Cardano (ADA)

Carano’s cryptocurrency is called ADA and can be found on various crypto exchanges. It can be confusing and unnerving to take the leap into crypto investing and hopefully this step-by-step guide will help you to start investing into Cardano. Please see below for some simple and easy steps to follow:


STEP 1: Do your own research

It is important to enter the investing marketing by first understanding the basics of investment cycles and terminology, such as “Bull Run” or “Bear Run”. So please make sure to gain the knowledge necessary before embarking on your financial investment journey. 


Step 2: Create An Investment Plan

  • As aforementioned, understanding where the investment market is at in the cycle is critical to find optimal entry points. We utilize various sources for this, but highly recommend the following youtube channels to begin gaining a better understanding of current and upcoming events and chart analysis related to crytocurrency markets:

Lastly, you can also utilize the tools and resources below for more information on chart analysis:



Start Investing in the Future!

yAfter dedicated and studious research, it is your choice and decision to determine when you are ready to start your crypto investment journey!  We suggest you make sure to never invest more than you are willing to lose, investing should be done conservatively and wisely. 

It is now time to find the crypto exchange you will want to use; we recommending Binance or Coinbase or KuCoin. Also, please note it is normal to go through a lengthy verification process required on these exchanges and know that verification can take a few days, so prepare in advance. PLEASE make sure you verify you are using the official exchange platform to avoid an scam sites.

Finally, simply follow the steps to link your bank account or deposit cash (USD) or any other form of eligible currency. Then when ready, trade your currency for ADA. Done. You will then officially be a fiscally vested partner in the Cardano community!

Note: Nothing on this website, subpages, or links should be taken as financial advice, this is simply to educate and inform.