Cardano Stake Pool

Welcome to the Cardano community! We are a safe and secure Cardano Stake Pool, operating 24/7 and with high reliability. Delegate your ADA with RYZE, sit back and enjoy the rewards!


We are a private, independent Cardano Stake Pool Operator (SPO) based in California, USA. It is our mission to support a global ecosystem that is eco-friendly, transparent, efficient, reliable, and sustainable. Our goal is to contribute to these efforts and support decentralization of currency, specifically on the Cardano platform, one minted block at a time.

We have two servers running at all times. One is an active and block-producing node that is dedicated and high performing, minimizing any downtime or any loss of potential rewards for your delegation.

One relay server (2nd relay server coming soon) sits in front of the block producer maintaining an up-to-date copy of the block chain, enabling us to be reliable partners in this space.


With over 15 years of experience in information technology and cybersecurity strategies in the private sector, we guarantee quality, performance, and security. 

Our producer node is running on an isolated network with no external access, meaning physical entry is required to access and perform any actions or maintenance on the producer node.

Private and cold keys only exist on air-gapped, hardware encrypted, cold storage devices. We also ensure 24/7 monitoring and alerting.


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